C H O O S E   Y O U R   S C U L P T



Whether you are new to fitness or getting back in the game, PLATE SCULPT will help you get the most out of your workout! This class has curated elements of Barre and Pilates specifically designed to sculpt and strengthen your body.  With careful attention to form and technique you can expect to get an effective full body workout!



Are you looking to sculpt and tone a lean physique? HITT SCULPT is for you! In this high intensity, full body workout you will move at a rate that is ideal for calorie burning . With a mix of body weight exercises, cardio moves, and strength training, you can expect to be challenged in a different way with each class!



Keep your muscles guessing and the results coming with SCULPT STRONG!   Fuel your metabolism by strengthening the body’s large muscles to make them leaner and tighter. This high intensity strength training class is guaranteed to make you stronger and more sculpted!



Take your TRK workout to the next level! Amplify your results for amazing core strength and overall deep body sculpting with this unique blend of TRX on a Power Plate®! Running shoes recommended!


CELLULITE blast & recovery sculpt

This combined class of CELLULITE BLAST & RECOVERY SCULPT will help you feel & look better! This class is not a workout, but is the perfect fit for those wanting to slow down and recover. This class is guaranteed to have you feeling healthy and rejuvintaed ! Here's how it works:

Combined with RECOVERY SCULPT , CELLULITE BLAST utilizes high intensity massages that will soothe out those unwanted areas. Expect to feel amazing, notice skin improvements, and feel restored as your circulation is increased by the therapeutic vibrations!  

RECOVERY SCULPT will deepen your stretch with soothing vibrations. Our instructors will guide you through stretches that will open your body, lengthen your muscles, and melt the pain away! 

Treat yourself, you deserve it!


Get ready to sculpt your body at an entirely new level!  Combining elements of Pilates, Y

oga, and isometrics, you will be challenged to engage muscles you didn't know you had while pushing them to the max. Expect to sweat in this high intensity, fun and creative workout guaranteed to deliver long, lean, strong muscles! 



High intensity workout targeting Glutes, Abs and Legs!  Expect to sweat, and feel the burn while our moving at a rate ideal to burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscles!