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Susan King, Owner

Susan was born in California and has spent her last seven years Power Plate® training in Atlanta. A mother of three active children, she understands the challenges of staying fit and healthy while on the go. Her passion for helping people gain confidence, and reach their fitness goals has been the driving force behind creating PlateSculpt’s half hour, high intensity, full body workouts! She enjoys reading on her back porch or cooking with her family. Lover of movement and the great outdoors, her ideal vacation is hiking, biking, or paddling. (1).jpg

Bianca Paggi

An Atlanta native who has played sports her entire life. Bianca loves bringing her latin roots alive during class with upbeat music to motivate you through your workout. She enjoys intense workouts where she can channel her inner athlete. Using her athletic experience to coach you with proper form combined with her motivating personality, Bianca will be sure you get a good sweat and a great workout!


Jessica Duncan

Jessica, born and raised on St. Simons Island, started dancing practically before she could walk! With 18 years dance experience, she fell in love with being back at the barre, when the low impact, total body workout grew in popularity. Jessica was trained in Barre in 2012 and brings the same elements  of training to the power plate with a unique style and enthusiasm. She believes a Barre style of training is one of the most effective and efficient ways people can transform their bodies at any stage or age and remain injury free! Her classes are high energy, encouraging, and upbeat. She'll have you laughing and sweating at the same time! 

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Sarah Watt

An avid runner for many years and a former H.E.A.T. instructor. Sarah has a passion for body awareness that inspires her to teach with precision making you feel the burn and see the results! Busy mom of two middle schoolers, in her free time you can find Sarah running, hiking, skiing, enjoying art, playing tennis - basically anything outside...including drinking Margaritas!

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Whitney Lewallen

A North Carolina native, and Carolina grad, Whitney is a strong believer in movement and its effect on the mind and body. Her involvement with yoga, and pilates provides her foundation for helping clients achieve proper body positioning while leading you in a quick paced, killer workout. She is a firm believer in nutrition for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a Mother of two athletic teens, and an avid walker. You are likely see Whitney in the neighborhood with her Lab, say hello...if you can catch her!


Lisa Bell

Lisa was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She has been a fitness enthusiast since college. She enjoys every style of fitness and is a former runner and boot camp instructor. As a busy mom of three girls, she loves the effective workouts at PlateSculpt. She's an early bird, so you will find her on the schedule at 6:00 am. She is committed to helping you start your day off on the right foot. After a workout with Lisa, you will leave with a smile, and be feeling the burn!